CAADP’s work falls under 4 pillars, each dealing with key issues:
Pillar 1: Land & water management
Pillar 2: Market access
Pillar 3: Food supply and hunger
Pillar 4: Agricultural research
Pillar 4: Agricultural research
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CAADP Compacts

During the CAADP country round tables - key players come together to assess the realities of their own particular situation and develop a road map for going forward. This process leads to the identification of priority areas for investment through a ‘CAADP Compact’ agreement that is signed by all key partners. Find below key documents that are related to the CAADP round tables process. These include the stocktaking reports, signed compacts and the investment plans for the following countries: 


Burundi - Signed CompactStocktaking Document 

DRC - Stocktaking Documents, Draft Compact
Ethiopia - Signed CompactStocktaking Document
Post Compact Roadmap, Investment Plan

Kenya - Signed CompactInvestment Plans, Technical Review Document

Malawi - Signed CompactInvestment Plan, Technical Review

Rwanda - Signed CompactInvestment PlansStocktaking DocumentsBackground Documents

Seychelles - Signed Compact

Swaziland - Draft Compact

Uganda - Signed CompactInvestment PlanStocktaking Documents

Zambia - Unsigned Compact 


Benin - Signed CompactInvestment PlanStocktaking DocumentsPost Compact Preliminary Comments, Technical Review Reports

Burkina Faso - Signed CompactInvestment PlansStocktaking Documents

Cote d'Ivoire - Signed Compact   

Cape Verde - Signed Compact
Gambia - Signed CompactInvestment PlanStocktaking DocumentsTechnical Review ReportsPost Compact Preliminary Comments

Ghana - Signed CompactInvestment PlansStocktaking DocumentsTechnical Review Reports

Guinea Bissau - Signed Compact

Liberia - Signed CompactInvestment PlanStocktaking DocumentsTechnical Review Reports

Mali - Signed CompactInvestment PlansStocktaking Documents

Niger - Signed CompactInvestment PlansStocktaking Documents
Nigeria - Signed Compact, Technical Review Reports

Togo - Signed CompactInvestment PlansStocktaking Documents

Sierra Leone - Signed CompactStocktaking DocumentsTechnical Review Reports

Senegal - Signed CompactInvestment PlanStocktaking Documents


Mozambique - Signed Compact 

Tanzania - Signed Compact, Investment PlansStocktaking DocumentsPost Compact Road Map


Central African Republic - Unsigned Compact 


Mauritania - Draft Compact


ECOWAS Regional Compact  

Countries with compacts /Investment Plans (Februay 2013; 377KB) This document lists all countries that have and are expected sign the CAADP compact.

Supporting Implementation of the AU-NEPAD CAADP Agenda (Novemeber 2010; 625KB) Enhancing Investment Financing for African Agriculture Information on options and opportunities. 

Table on Status of CAADP Implementation in COMESA (July 2010, 202KB) 

(Overview) Information Note on Country CAADP Implementation (January 2010; 387KB)

(Country Specific) Information Note on Country CAADP Implementation (January 2010; 488KB)

Countries with compacts / Investment Plans (2010; 225KB) This document lists the countries that have signed the CAADP compacts and kick-started developing their investment plans as at 8 November 2010. The list also provides a tentative listing of those countries that are expected to sign compacts by April 2011.

CAADP Post Compact Review – Guidelines (2009; 674KB) This document explains practical guidelines for developing country specific roadmap timelines for the implementation of post-compact strategies – involving mainly the formulation of natural agriculture and food security Investment Plans, Technical Review of the Plans and Programmes as well as engaging for finalising and implementation.

French version of the CAADP Post Compact Review (2009; 895KB)

Powerpoint on CAADP Roundtable Implementation: National Progress as at June 2009 (June 2009; 522KB)
This powerpoint highlights the progress made by member states in implementing CAADP roundtable processes. Of particular interest here is the slide which speaks to the schedule of roundtables in ECOWAS in the second half of 2009.

(Overview) Information Note on Country CAADP Implementation (September 2008; 173KB)

This table summarises the progress of the CAADP roundtable process at country level.

Bar chart on CAADP Roundtable Implementation: National Progress (June 2008; 63KB)

This bar chart displays the progress made by member states in implementing CAADP roundtable processes.