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Pillar 4: Agricultural research
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Meetings 2013

9th CAADP Partnership Platform


The African Union Commission (AUC) and the NEPAD Agency will hold the 9th Comprehensive African Agriculture Development (CAADP) Partnership Platform (PP) from March 25 to 26, to evaluate progress and achievements made in implementing CAADP.

CAADP is the Continent’s main development programme to eliminate hunger and reduce poverty through agriculture. It has a clear objective to raise agricultural productivity in Africa to at least 6 per cent annually and requires African countries to commit at least ten per cent of their national budgets to agricultural development.

The PP is an annual high-level partnership platform, bringing together key stakeholders such as African governments, policy makers, civil society organisations and farmers’ organisations to assess progress made in implementing the CAADP goals.

About 200 delegates from Africa and outside the Continent will attend the meeting at the AU’s headquarters in Addis Ababa, which will open on March 25.

CAADP Partnership Platform: 25 – 26 March 2013, African Union Conference Centre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Theme: ‘Sustaining the CAADP Momentum - from Decisions and Commitments to Implementation for Results for Impact’

For more information, visit | |

Meetings 2012

8th CAADP Partnership Platform

The African Union Commission (AUC) and NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency (NPCA) invite you to the 8th CAADP Partnership Platform (PP) Meeting which will take place in Nairobi Kenya on the 3rd and 4th of May 2012.  The theme of the meeting is “Accelerating CAADP Implementation for results and impact”.

Click here for the Registration Form.

Click here to access the 8th CAADP PP documents.

Meetings 2011

West Africa CAADP Regional Nutrition Programme Development Workshop

The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) in collaboration with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), West Africa Health Organization (WAHO), CILSS and Development Partners hosted the West Africa Regional CAADP Nutrition Programme Development Workshop November 9-12, 2011 at Le Meridien Hotel in Dakar, Senegal. The workshop was organized in recognition of the critical need to integrate nutrition in National Agricultural and Food Security Investment Plans and development agendas of ECOWAS member states.
The workshop was themed: Mainstreaming Nutrition in National Agriculture and Food Security Investment Plans and Development Agenda.

Meeting communiqué>>>
Opening speech by Minister of Agriculture of Senegal>>>


Climate-Smart Workshop

The CAADP Climate-Smart Agriculture Workshops focused on approaches for effective program design of climate-smart agriculture in support of both country and regional CAADP investment plans. Climate-smart agriculture incorporates practices that increase productivity, efficiency, resilience, adaptive capacity, and mitigation potential of production systems.

Click here to download the meeting's documents.


Africa Food and Nutrition Security Day 

The New Partnership for Africa’s Development Planning and Coordinating Agency (NEPAD Agency) in partnership with the Department of Health in South Africa will, on the 27 and 28th of October 2011, commemorate the Africa Food and Nutrition Security Day.


The Africa Food and Nutrition Security Day was endorsed by the African Heads of State and Governments during the 15th AU Summit held in Kampala, Uganda. This say is to be commemorated annually by all member states on 30th October. The theme for this year’s event is: “Investing in Intra–Africa trade for Food and Nutrition Security.

Programme: Day 1 | Day 2  


7th CAADP Partnership Platform (PP) 

The forthcoming 7th Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) Partnership Platform (PP) Meeting will be held from the 23rd to the 25th of March 2011, in Yaoundé, Cameroon. This 7th CAADP PP will be focused on the following theme: “Mutual Accountability in the formulation and implementation of country CAADP investment plans.

Click here to download all the 7th CAADP PP documents and presentations.


Leveraging Agriculture for Improving Nutrition and Health: IFPRI 2020 conference at a glance.

Leading experts and practitioners from the agriculture, health and related sectors will take stock of current interactions, assess opportunities and constraints, identify best practices, consider key levers and incentives, and reimagine how agriculture, nutrition, and health can link better to unleash the potential of agriculture to improve nutrition and health. Click here>>> 


Investing in a knowledge and information base for African agriculture

Workshop for CAADP Pillar 4 institutions and development partners on how to mobilise and harmonise support for Pillar 4 initiatives. All key documents on this workshop can be found by clicking here>>> 


Meetings 2010

Aide-memoire of the TerrAfrica Partner joint mission in Togo
This is the final version of the Aide-memoire of the TerrAfrica Partner joint mission in Togo, which took place from 14-18 October 2010, under the leadership of the NEPAD Agency.


UN Agriculture, Food Security and Rural Development Cluster Meeting

The Agriculture, Food Security and Rural Development Cluster (AFSRDC) for which FAO is the convener, brings together 14 UN Agencies and financial institutions involved in supporting food security and agricultural development in Africa. These are FAO, IFAD, WFP, ECA, the World Bank, IAEA, UNDP, UNIDO, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNHCR, WIPO and WTO. The Cluster's mission is to provide coordinated and effective support to the agriculture, food security and rural development agenda of the African Union Commission (AUC), NEPAD, the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and ultimately the countries themselves.

Annual Activity Report (2010; 216 KB)
Draft Discussion Notes (2010; 241 KB)

Preliminary Meeting Notes (2010; 292 KB)


Ethiopia Business Meeting Communiqué (2010; 2MB)
This document is a Communiqué to the Ethiopia Business Meeting on Financing the Priority Agricultural Sector Investment Plan.


Mali Business Meeting

Communiqué of Mali Business Meeting (2010; 2.11MB)

The document is a communiqué of the Mail Business Meeting on Financing the Priority Agricultural Sector Investment Plan. The Business meeting is a key milestone in CAADP implementation. It brings together all the stakeholders including AUC, NEPAD, ECOWAS, the Government, Development Partners, Private Sector and Civil Society Organizations to endorse the Mali Agricultural Sector Investment Plan. It is intended to agree on the financing mechanisms and to get stakeholders’ commitment in providing the required finances for its implementation.  


Announcing the 2010 CAADP Africa Forum

The next CAADP Day will be held on the 21st of July 2010 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso within the context of the Africa Agriculture Science Week under the theme: Post-Compact CAADP Imple-mentation: the African private sector and investments in agriculture.


The 2010 CAADP Africa Forum will be held from 4 to 8 October 2010 at the Azalaï Hotel in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso on the theme “Meeting the Challenges of Climate Change: Strategies of Smallholder Farmers to achieve Food Security and Income Growth in Africa. 

The CAADP Africa Forum is an annual platform of learning and sharing on progress among farmers and among experts, policy and decision makers from different agricultural sub-sectors. Purpose of this exchange among peers is to foster the up scaling of best practices across Africa via a process of country driven development of the agricultural and rural sector. In this way, the CAADP Africa Forum builds a bridge between the realities on the ground to the highly specialist expertise offered by the CAADP Pillar Lead Institutions1 and other knowledge centers.

Click here for more information information
Flyer Englishh, French
Announcing the 2010 CAADP Africa Forum EnglishFrench

Documents d'orientation Forum Africain 2010 French

Outcomes report - English, French


AU summit  - Side Event on Food and Nutrition 

Communiqué to the side event (2010, 180KB) 


2010 CAADP Day

Click here to download all the 2010 CAADP day documents


Conference for African Ministers, Fisheries and Aquaculture (CAMFA) - 20 - 23 September 2010, Banjul, Gambia

Click here to download CAMFA documents.


Ghana Home Grown School Feeding Programme 

Accra, Ghana Home Grown school Feeding Communiqué (2010, 173KB) This Communiqué represents the key  conclusions taken at the recent meeting on the Ghana Home Grown School Feeding Programme.


Joint Annual Meetings Of The AU Conference Of Ministers Of Economy And Finance And ECA Conference Of African Ministers Of Finance, Planning And Economic Development 

Speech by Dr. Bingu Wa Mutharika (2010; 3.5MB)

This speech was made by His Excellency Dr. Bingu Wa Mutharika President Of The Republic Of Malawi And Chairman Of The African Union at The 2010 Joint Annual Meetings Of The African Union (Au) Conference Of Ministers Of Economy And Finance And The Economic Commission For Africa (ECA) Conference Of African Ministers Of Finance, Planning And Economic Development in March 2010.


The 6th CAADP Partnership Platform April 2010

The 6th Partnership Platform Meeting of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) took place recently in Johannesburg, South Africa, 21-23 April 2010. The approximately 200 delegates included representatives of the African Union Commission, NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency, Regional Economic Communities, farmers organisations, civil society organisations, knowledge institutions, as well as Pan-African organisations and representatives of 8 development partner agencies. The meeting called upon all parties to make sure that adequate post-compact roadmaps were in place in each country upon signing of the compact, to be followed without delay by the formulation of agricultural investment plans. The Communiqué and key presentations to the meeting can be found by Clicking here>>>

CAADP Partnership Platform Terms of Reference (2010; 243KB) 


Meetings 2009

Rwanda CAADP Post-Compact High Level Meeting

The Rwanda CAADP Post-Compact High Level Stakeholder Meeting, 7-8 December 2009 (2009; 130KB)

This event is expected to identify opportunities for investment financing through the CAADP agenda/priorities towards Rwanda's agricultural sector. For more information go to  


The CAADP Africa Forum

2009 CAADP - Africa Forum Proceedings (2009; 2.03MB)

This report provides a breakdown of the proceedings from the 2009 CAADP Africa Forum.

The CAADP Africa Forum 30th Nov to 4th Dec, Nairobi, Kenya

This event which is being held under the theme 'The Bottom of the Pyramid: Agricultural Development for the Vulnerable' is aimed at fostering information and experience sharing on best practices in Agriculture in Africa. For more information also go 


CAADP Partnership Platform 2009

Communique to the 5th CAADP PP (2009; 73KB)

This brief provides a summary of the deliberations and main action points from the 5th CAADP PP Meeting which was held 9-11 November 2009 in Abuja, Nigeria. 

Click Here for the French version of the Communique to the 5th CAADP PP (2009; 229KB)

Because of the large number of files produced at the March 2009 4th CAADP PP meeting, the majority of the documents have been archived. For a complete library of the PowerPoints, background documents, programmes etc. associated with this meeting please Click Here >>> 


CAADP Donors and Partners Meeting 2009

Addis Ababa, 6-9 Sep 2009. Organised by the African Union Commission (AUC) and the Platform, the meeting brought donors and CAADP institutions together to advance CAADP implementation. The meeting sought the views of country-level agriculture and food security donor working groups (ADWGs) and other participants on a draft ‘Donor approach to supporting CAADP compacts'. Agreement on this proposal is expected to have far reaching positive impacts on the way donors respond to agriculture in Africa.

The Addis Consensus (2009; 731KB)

This is a report on the proceedings at the CAADP Donors and Partners Meeting.


2009 CAADP Day 

Communique to the 2009 CAADP Day (2009, 156KB)

This brief provides a summary of the deliberations and main action points from the First CAADP Day meeting which was held in Tripoli, Libya on 27 June 2009, organized by the AUC and AU-NEPAD and hosted by the Great Socialist People’s Libya Arab Jamahiriya

 Guidelines for Donor Support to CAADP Processes at a Country-Level (2009; 339KB)

This document provides guidelines for donor support to CAADP. Regional Economic Communities (RECs), Pillar Lead Institutions and CAADP Focal Points are called upon to use the guidelines so that they can intensify their engagements with in-country donors and thereby further the causes of CAADP implementation.

Guidelines for Donor Support to CAADP Processes at a Country-Level (In French) (2009; 353KB) 

High Level Meeting on Food Security 2009 

GPAFS Brief for High Level Meeting on Food Security for All (2009; 203KB)

This report provides a CAADP perspective on the Global Partnership for Agriculture and Food Security (GPAFS). It was presented by Prof. Richard Mkandawire at the High Level Meeting on Food Security for All, held in Madrid, Spain. 

Kenya Statement at the High Level Meeting on Food Security for All (2009; 120KB) 

This statement was given by the Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, Kenya Vice-President and Minister for Home Affairs at the High Level Meeting on Food Security for All, held in Madrid, Spain. It provides an overview of how the global food crisis is affectingKenya and what the government is doing to tackle these problems.


Various 2009

Communicating CAADP: The website and beyond (2009; 971KB) PowerPoint Presentation This presentation was first delivered in March 2009 at the 4th CAADP PP in Midrand, South Africa.

Statement delivered by Sierra Leone's Minister of Agriculture at the Joint Conference of Ministers of Agriculture, Land and Livestock April 2009 (2009; 175KB)


Meetings 2008

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Meetings 2007

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Meetings 2006

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